Storage Facilities

Warehouse Space

Shark Distributing has over 10,000 sq. ft. of bonded, secured, climate controlled warehouse space in Venice Florida. With easy in / easy out truck flow, Shark Distributing is the perfect choice for store long-term storage of aging products such as whiskey barrels, staging new product awaiting market, or managing product overflow. Our space is divided into warehouses for wines, beers and spirits. Each warehouse can hold over 70,000 bottles, and to avoid undue stress and damage, your products are never stacked.

What are your storage terms

With the exception of long-term storage, we require that you "roll" inventory every six-months to preserve quality and for accounting purposes. The roll can be eitehr through product sales or release and renew of the inventory.


Pickup and Delivery

Can you pick up my product?

Shark Distributing has trucks available for pickup and delivery. Bulk shipments can be picked up from the ports of Miami, Tampa and St. Petersburg and stored in our Venice warehouses, or delivered to any legal co-packling facility in the state of Florida.